Eco-friendly solar panels

Eco-friendly solar panels

One of the most significant achievements of the restoration of our hotel is maintaining its historic features while incorporating cutting-edge green technology. From the look of the lobby, guest rooms and common spaces, Hotel Andaluz maintains much of the original grandeur Conrad Hilton employed, yet the hotel is actually one of the greenest in the country. In fact, we’re LEED Gold certified, making us Albuquerque’s only full-service LEED certified boutique hotel.


One of the elements that makes our hotel so green is mostly hidden from view, unless you’re lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the hotel.  Although not visible from the street, we have a 73-panel solar thermal system tucked away on the roof. This system generates about 60% of our domestic hot water, which is used in guest rooms, laundry facilities and in the kitchens. In essence, the hotel developed a system whereby the heat from the solar panels is transferred to a 4,000-gallon tank, which is situated on the 10th floor and is original to the old hotel.


How’s that for environmentally proactive? To learn about some of the other cool stuff happening in our green initiatives, check this out.


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