Our famous Zsa Zsa Suite

Our famous Zsa Zsa Suite

How many hotels can claim that Conrad Hilton and Zsa Zsa Gabor honeymooned in one of their suites?

Only one and it’s us.

Many people don’t know that Hotel Andaluz was actually built by Conrad Hilton, a New Mexico native. In fact, it was the fourth hotel he ever built. At the time (1939), it was the tallest building in New Mexico and the first building in the state to have air conditioning. After Hilton built his state-of-the-art hotel, he was a frequent guest, bringing with him a slew of notable friends and family. It’s fitting that he would choose the hotel as the honeymoon location for his second wife. And, while the marriage didn’t last, the room they stayed in did.

Today, the Zsa Zsa Suite is one of our most popular Hotel Andaluz suites.


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