Tips for summer entertaining

Tips for summer entertaining

Summer entertaining should be fun, fresh, comfortable and light. From the decor and the music to the dress code and the menu, incorporate elements that play up the season’s best and your soiree will be a hit!

Here are some hot trends for cool events:


Go bold and combine orange, hot pink and bright yellow for a lively color palette. Using vases of varying sizes, fill with citrus fruits such as tangerines, limes and lemons for a bright and festive look.

If you are looking to create a serene environment that says cool and chic, opt for a color palette that layers shades of white, ivory and khaki or combines white, blue and lilac. Pair these colors with seashells, rocks, sand and driftwood for a traditional “beach-y” look that is also eco-chic!


Summer in New Mexico can be hot, but we suggest these delectable treats to cool off your summer nights!


  • Vinho Verde is a great summer wine – light, refreshing and a little bubbly
  • White Peach Sangria is a light, sweet departure from the classic red Sangria
  • Try a summer twist on a classic cocktail — the Watermelon Margarita!


  • Mango-Pineapple and Strawberry Brochettes with a Meyer’s Rum Mascarpone Dipping Sauce
  • Crab Cakes with Roasted Corn Relish can be prepared as bite-size hors d’oeuvres or as an entrée
  • Fire up the Barbie and grill Harissa Shrimp Skewers to pair with Roasted Jalapeno-Honeydew Gazpacho
  • A grilled Shaved Ham and Manchego Quesadilla with Green Chile & Apple Chutney
  • Gourmet popsicles are the new trend! Try our Chef’s Bourbon Peaches and Cream Popsicles

For full recipes of these dishes, CLICK HERE.



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