Christmas in New Mexico

Christmas in New Mexico

It’d be quite an understatement to say we love New Mexico. We really really love New Mexico! Its home to so many wonders and truly a melting pot for cultures, art, sports, science and so much more. That being said, our holiday season is no different. Christmas in New Mexico is a sight to be seen and offers a cultural flare on the holiday.

New Mexico’s population is largely Hispanic, and this is a contributing reason as to why New Mexico holiday season is a celebration. Perhaps the most notable sign that the holidays are approaching is the luminaria or farjalito, a small candle set inside a paper bag with sand. As Christmas approaches thousands line the streets, staircases, walkways, fences and even roofs. Visitors can best view these luminarias at Albuquerque’s historic old town or Santa Fe and Taos’ historic plaza’s. Our facebook friend Bill, mentions the small Acoma pueblo, known as Sky City as another beautiful area lit up by luminarias for Christmas Eve. On Taos’ and Santa Fe’s plazas there is often carolers and cider to celebrate the lightings.

If the soft glowing lights of our farolito doesn’t quite lure in you in. Try checking out our local ski areas that transform into a family gathering spots to enjoy sun and snow for the holiday season. Facebook friend Marie mentions the Taos Ski Valley’s torch light parade. Every year on Christmas Eve, Taos Ski Valley comes alive with a parade of skiers carrying torches ski down from the top of the mountain to the base at dusk. When all the torches make it down the run the valley is lit up by a fireworks display rivaling major city celebrations. It brings the whole mountain of skiers and lodgers together in cheers.

Another Christmas Eve tradition in Taos or the surrounding pueblos is the traditional Native American dances that occur on Christmas Eve through Christmas morning. Large bon-fires warm spectators as dances of prayer and celebration are performed. After the different events take place the feasts begin around the state. Traditional New Mexican Christmas meals consist of tamales, red chili, posole (hominy), beans and our state cookie, the biscochito (sugar cookies baked with anice, licorice spice).

Christmas in New Mexico is focused on traditions. We like to think that our style of holiday is a small getaway from the Christmas seasons that held at hostage by the department stores. How do you spend the holiday? Will you be traveling to New Mexico? Tell us your plans this season…


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