Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival and Highland Games in Albuquerque!

The last thing one might expect upon strolling into the city is to see people in kilts and playing Gaelic football. But when you visit during May 18-19th, you’re bound to discover just that and much more.

Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival and Highland Games are coming once again to the city for a few days of excitement and cultural celebrations of all things Celtic. This year will see the festival come to Albuquerque for the 25th time.  Every year, it becomes more and more popular as people delight in the activities, music, dance, and much more!

There will be plenty to see and do during the Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival and Highland Games. You will be able to watch traditional dances performed by various groups, as well as listen to music that features instruments such as the harp and war pipes. People will recite poetry, speakers will tell of Celtic history, as well as how people of Celtic heritage have found their way to New Mexico and the city, and you will even be able to hear some speak in the Celtic language and tell stories that have been handed down generation after generation.

The Highland Games will showcase a variety of different games typically played across the globe in the home country. Watch the tough game of rugby, cheer on your favorite participant in hurling, and discover how Gaelic football is played. There will also be dog demonstrations and showing of Celtic dog breeds.

Head over to Balloon Fiesta Park and choose whether or not to purchase a single- or two-day pass. Tickets for adults are $15 for one day, $20 for two. Children’s passes are $7 for one day, $10 for two. For senior citizens and active military personnel, a single day pass is $10 and $15 for two.


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