Albuquerque Wine Festival | May 25th – 27th

Soon it will be that time again – the Albuquerque Wine Festival! One thing that people tend to assume about much of New Mexico is that it is nothing but desert land. However, there is much more to the state – and Albuquerque– than meets the eye. May 25th through the 27th will bring in wineries from all around the state to the city where people can gather, sample, and much more. That’s because the Wine Festival isn’t just about wine – it’s about people.

When you visit the festival, you’ll quickly discover all kinds of vendors that offer food, arts, crafts, and even live music. It’s about having a good time and maybe heading home with a brand new accessory for your home, as well as a new favorite bottle of wine. Stroll through the streets and enjoy the fun atmosphere all though Memorial Day weekend.

The festival is hosted by the New Mexico Wine Growers Association (NMWGA). If you are interested in seeing all of the different vendors and their wares, as well as food, then you’ll find everyone at Balloon Fiesta Park. This is an annual event that locals love and visitors can have a great time enjoying and learning about, too.

Entrance to the festival requires a photo ID from all adults, as well as a $20 entrance fee for anyone 21 and over. However, that doesn’t mean only adults can enjoy the Wine Festival. Anyone under the age of 21 can also attend, and there is no entrance fee. But all those under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.


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