Indulge in the History of Albuquerque New Mexico

History buffs will have a good time in Albuquerque. With centuries of history filling up this city, surrounding it in the cliff sides and resting in old, preserved buildings, it’s a wonderful place to explore inside and out.

Travel to the Petroglyph National Monument and you’ll discover a wealth of ancient rock carvings from native peoples long ago. Archeologists have been studying these rock carvings for many years, yet there are still some that leave them baffled. Some carvings are over 700 years old and give experts and visitors alike a look into the past.

In 1540, Spanish settlers arrived and began to colonize the area. However, it wasn’t until 1706 that settlers began to dig much deeper roots, choosing a place near the river’s curve in order to have water and healthy land for crops. A letter was sent to Spain to the Duke of Alburquerque – the name from which the city derived its own. Eventually the first “r” was dropped and now everyone lives in the city of Albuquerque.

Traveling through the city, it’s easy to see the specific architecture and building styles that were prominent during those times and that are still used today. Spanish Mission architectural styles are still used for homes, as is the use of adobe.

Visiting Albuquerque, one can travel on foot through the city and enjoy the sights, or there are other ways to see the city and gain even more information. Day trips and walking tours will inform you of everything from historical events to western legends and more.


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