Albuquerque BioPark Welcomes Baby Sumatran Orangutan

The Albuquerque BioPark welcomed a new addition to the zoo recently. A baby Sumatran orangutan was born and has been looking healthy and strong so far. Zoo officials aren’t sure of the baby’s gender yet, but they’re leaving the baby with it’s mother, Sarah, in order to allow them bonding time as well as giving Sarah time to adjust with her new baby. Currently, both of them are separate from the other orangutans in order to ensure both Sarah and the baby’s privacy and safety. In the wild, orangutans are alone in their nests and give birth away from other orangutans.

The baby came as a bit of a surprise as the zookeepers hadn’t initially realized that Sarah was pregnant. Because they didn’t know when the baby was originally conceived, it has been difficult for them to determine a due date. But careful monitoring or Sarah’s condition and behavioral habits allowed them to give her the time she needed in order to be alone for her baby’s birth.

The baby has been nursing and is in excellent shape. They haven’t named the baby yet. In the past, zoos have often given the public or schoolchildren the chance to name a new baby animal, but no one has said whether or not such will be the case for Sarah’s baby. Eventually, the public will be able to see Sarah’s baby once she and the infant are accepted by the other orangutans in their enclosure.

This is the first birth of a Sumatran orangutan since 2008


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