Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Featuring the Art of Curanderismo

One never knows just what might be discovered or learned in Albuquerque considering the rich history of peoples who have lived in the area over the many decades. For those looking for a little something different, the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology will soon be opening an exhibit featuring the art of curanderismo. Curanderismo is the traditional art of Mexican folk healing.

The title of the exhibit will be called “Southwest Herbalism & Curanderismo” and feature a number of unique and interesting elements from this healing practice, each one on display for the public to view and learn about.  In addition to this, Tonita Gonzales, an internationally known curandera, will be there to inform the public about curandero methods, as well as show how some of the instruments are used, what certain herbs will do for a person, and much more.

Curanderismo includes a variety of tools and plants that are meant to help heal one of the many potential maladies that a person may be suffering from. Certain herbs help to cleanse the soul, which is known as limpia. Incense burners that are used in various rituals will also be showcased. Curing spiritual illnesses may mean using specific cups at specific times. All of these things will be on display at the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology.

Though curanderismo has long been in practice in many indigenous villages within Mexico and various locations in Latin America, it has since spread and is in use within New Mexico, southern parts ofTexas,Arizona, and even California.


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