Seeing Albuquerque in a Day

When visiting a location, you may not have a lot of time to see a lot of sights or enjoy a lot of activities. But when you still want to discover the area before you move on, there are ways of doing so in a single day or even just a few hours.

In Albuquerque, you can take one of the many sightseeing tours, guided tours, or train rides that are found throughout different places in the city. From hopping on a bike and pedaling around the city to sitting on a train and watching the beautiful landscape and city scape roll by, there are all sorts of different tours you can take to see a variety of things and learn interesting facts about the city.

Tours are offered by both professional tour companies and volunteer guides who love to show off Albuquerque to visitors. There are many different routes that guides can take you, as well as several train lines that cruise through the city and its outskirts, to show you particular places inside and outside that you may want to visit in the future. Be sure to bring your camera and maybe a notepad so you know exactly where to go on future visits to the city.

You can hop on a mini-train that runs between the zoo, the aquarium, and the botanic garden, giving you a quick view of three of Albuquerque’s favorite places to see. Or you can stroll through older parts of the city and see some of the historic architecture that has influenced many of today’s structures.


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