Titanic Exhibit at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

It isn’t every day the Titanic comes to town. But that is what you can expect from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science.

The exhibit began March 23rd and will stretch all the way until October 27th. The Titanic has had its 100-year anniversary, and this exhibit will display all kinds of interesting and engaging Titanic information, artifacts, and stories from the people who were aboard the ship. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by what they find in every corner. Diagrams of the ship, how each class was treated, how some of the crew even did everything they could to save the mail aboard the ship, all of these things add up to one giant picture of what happened on that tragic night, as well as the things we have learned from it since.

There are actual objects from the site itself that people can see. Brought up from the depths of the ocean, these artifacts are from a time different from our own, each one connected in some way to a passenger aboard the ship. It’s a powerful exhibit well worth seeing.

You can visit this amazing exhibit in the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science for $11-$18. The exhibit and the museum are open daily from 9am until 5pm. Start planning your trip toAlbuquerque, and while you are there, discover all kinds of things you may have never known or realized about the Titanic. It’s an excellent excursion for both adults and children alike!


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