New Mexico’s Geothermally Heated Springs

New Mexico’s Geothermally Heated Springs

Whether it’s after a long day of meetings or a honeymoon getaway,Albuquerquebrings in just as much relaxation as it does entertainment. For centuries, people have used the benefits offered by New Mexico’s geothermally heated springs to soak, heal, and relax. Many naturally occurring substances located around Albuquerque are brought in for their soothing properties. In fact, one might be surprised at just what a little pampering can do.

Clay has often been sought for its therapeutic abilities. It can be used to cool down muscles, keep in moisture, or warmed up for a cozy clay mask. There are also full body treatments that feature clay, which can be a unique experience.

Juniper and sage have been long used for their essential oils, scents, and now can be combined with blue corn meal in order to create a gentle exfoliation experience that will leave anyone feeling clean, fresh, and wonderfully relaxed. All of these ingredients are found and crafted locally in order to provide people with the purest of results.

Local ingredients are also blended with additional aspects such as Ayurveda massages and Dead Sea salts in order to provide the best results and leave you wondering why you’ve never had a Southwestern treatment before.

A good treatment with natural ingredients locally grown can also help alleviate any tensions that may arise when experiencing New Mexico’s high altitude for the first time. With the right hands, a few hours to relax, and wonderful aromas and sensations, you’ll soon adjust and be ready to take on the sights, tours, and cultural delights thatAlbuquerquehas to offer.


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