Latin Dance Festival in Albuquerque

Prepare for another fantastic Albuquerque festival.  With the heat of summer getting ready to descend upon us, so is the hot and zesty music and dance of the Latin Dance Festival. It’s all about dancing, having a great time, and perhaps learning something new. For those who know how to dance, there are times each and every night that you can come out and hit those heels against the floor. Those looking to learn can take one of the many classes offered and get a few fresh moves. There are also movies featuring dancing, speakers, and plenty of delicious food for when your energy needs replenishing.

Much of the festival is hosted by the National Hispanic Cultural Center, but other areas of the festival include Old Town and The Cooperage. Various DJs will be there to offer up spicy music for all. The nights will be long, exciting, and full of Latin, Cuban, and other cultural influences on dances and musical designs. Every subset of salsa and Latin dance styles will get their moment to shine, and everyone is invited to party, from novices to advanced dancers.

The festival begins August 22nd and will last until August 25th. You don’t need tickets to go, but if you want to take a class or two, you may want to inquire at the main Latin Dance Festival website. This is the best place to indulge in even more of Albuquerque’s heritage and history, so mark your calendar and start making plans to visit – and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!


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