Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum in Albuquerque

Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum in Albuquerque

A lot of vacation moments include adults wondering what they can do to entertain themselves – but what about the kids? Don’t worry –Albuquerquehas plenty of great places that kids will be thrilled to see and explore. One of the best places is theExploraScienceCenterand Children’s Museum. Don’t be surprised if you learn something as well, mom and dad!

Explora isn’t just about walking through a big building and looking at exhibits – this science center is all about hands on experience. Discovery and tinkering are 100% encouraged, where you can make music or watch water fall. A place where you can drop a marble and see where it goes and what happens, find out how wind can affect objects in its path, and see all sorts of things that you wouldn’t encounter otherwise. It’s like playing outside or in your grandfather’s garage, toying and goofing until you stumble upon something new and nifty.

Open all week long, you can pop in with the entire family and lose yourself for the entire day. It’s a like a big science lab where anything and everything can be messed with, or almost like stepping into an “I Spy” book full of wonder and delight.

The Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum also has events that cater to everyone, from Toddler Time to Adult Night. Whether you decide to check out an event or just go to see how it can entertain you and your family, don’t be surprised to find everyone absolutely entranced with all the cool materials and little gadgets that you can make, take apart, invent, and discover with!


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