New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Science and history are always interesting. You never know what new concept or fact you might discover when stepping into a building dedicated to the past and potential of the future.  On your visit toAlbuquerque, you can find all of these things in the New Mexico Museum of National History and Science.

Within the walls of the building, there is something for everyone. Exhibits range from dinosaur fossils to amazing traveling exhibits, such as the Titanic artifact exhibit. Science includes bioscience collections, geoscience pieces, and even an informational section showing the history of volcanic activity inNew Mexico.

Don’t forget to visit the planetarium as well for an education in stars, planets, and the universe. Guides will take you to different constellations, let you visit planets in our own solar system, and discover the wonder of the possibilities of new worlds out in the far reaches of space where life may currently be thriving – and perhaps even looking back at us!

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is open every day (except most major holidays) from 9 to 5. Admission prices will vary depending upon which venue you choose, as well as the age of the visitor. There are occasional free days, so be sure to check the museum’s main page to pick the right day to visit, as well as see what events they may have in store. That way you get to see exactly what you want when you visit Albuquerque! Who knows what you might discover?


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