Albuquerque Biological Park

Enjoy life in all its wild and unpredictable ways by visiting theAlbuquerqueBiologicalPark. This park is an environmental museum and so much more where you can find four major facilities, each with something different for the family to enjoy: the Rio Grande Zoo, Rio Grande Botanic Garden, Tingley Beach, and Albuquerque Aquarium.

Each of these locations is near enough to one another that you can walk from one to the next, but the BioPark also has a small railroad that families can ride on to get from one place to the other.

At the aquarium, you will find a 285,000-gallon ocean tank that contains all kinds of different plant and animal species commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico. These species can range from those that live in estuaries, coral reefs, shallow waters, and the open ocean. Fish, corals, and larger creatures all live here, some mingling and some within their own tanks for an amazing viewing experience.

The Botanic Garden features an amazing array of plants that flower, grasp with vine-y precision, eat insects, and put people in awe with their features. Some grow under the open sky whereas others can be found in a large glass conservatory.

The zoo is home to hundreds of different animals, from tiny frogs in terrariums to massive predators such as African lions. The zoo is a great place to see animals that you’ve never seen before, as well as learn about protection and preservation of species.

Tingley Beach is a surprise to many with its large fishing lake, beach-like water’s edge, plenty of picnic areas so you can make a day of your visit at the BioPark, and all sorts of paths to stroll down for a lovely day under the sun.


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