The Rio Grande Zoo

The Rio Grande Zoo

It’s time to see some animals! The Rio Grande Zoo is a wonderful place to go with friends or family to see all sorts of different creatures, great and small. You might want to get a map because there are a lot of exhibits to check out and there are certainly some you’ll linger over.

Just some of the animals you’ll be able to see are lions, wolves, polar bears, reptiles, elephants, apes, amphibians, seals, kangaroos, koalas, and much more. There are also a great number of fun activities that you can do while at the zoo, such as feeding giraffes, feeding lorikeets, ride the zoo train loop, watch polar bear feeding, watch an animal encounters show, watch seals and sea lions get fed, or enjoy a zoo music concert.

Take your time throughout the zoo so you can see each and every exhibit. Walking through the complete zoo covers a total of 2.27 miles, and you never know what you might bump into next. Birds to beasts, things that slither to things that swim, there’s bound to be an animal that speaks to everyone in your party.

This is another excellent place to spend your day, but if you find that you’re ready to move on, the Rio Grande Zoo is a part of the Albuquerque Biological Park and connects to three other amazing areas. Any time, you can hop onto a train and visit Tingley Beach, the Aquarium, or Botanic Garden. But considering all that the zoo has to offer, you’re not likely to get bored at all!


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