Zuni World Exhibition At The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Zuni World Exhibition At The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

If you decide to visit the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, you should take some time to explore the A:shiwi A:wan Ulohnanne – The Zuni World exhibit. This is the Zuni Map Art Exhibition, a look into the Zuni world. It is a group of Zuni art paintings that showcase the Colorado Plateau mapped in both a sacred and cultural light.


Indeed, one single painting will take all of your focus for a while as you pick out all the different and unique elements within it. These aren’t simple paintings of the landscape, but rather images that incorporate a lot of the Zuni beliefs and cultural identities, giving you a brilliant scope of Zuni skill and spirituality displayed right in front of you. The colors and styles are all stunning and you can expect the Zuni World Exhibition to awe and perhaps even instill you with a sense of wanting to see the world as they did while creating their beautiful works.


It took time to create this exhibition – it wasn’t simply a matter of collecting previously crafted pieces, but rather a group of Zuni advisors decided what to map. Ultimately, it is a project that is intended to help Zunis connect to various places via the pieces created. The paintings you see are the results of three Zuni artists commissioned to create the final paintings of the areas chosen. These paintings include not just landscapes, but also villages and reservation areas as well. The final results are in full color and visually stunning.


You have plenty of time to see the exhibition, as it will be available until the end of 2013. Visit between 9am-5pm, Monday through Sunday. Admission rates will vary depending upon age, from $6 for adults, $5.50 for seniors, and $3 for children. It is a showing well worth the admission and a sight that you won’t soon forget.


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