Route 66 Then and Now

Route 66 Then and Now

Route 66 has a long history that extends for many, many years and many, many miles. The best part is that almost no matter where you are in the country, you can experience a piece of this amazing, and often quirky road – including Albuquerque! In fact, Route 66 runs right through Albuquerque, so whether you’re traveling to the city itself or taking the entire Route 66 trip, you can see all of the quirky things that Route 66 has to offer.


For a long time, Route 66 was known as Will Rogers Highway and commonly referred to as both the Main Street of America and the Mother Road.  When the U.S. Highway System was first constructed, this road was one of the original ones. Its creation began in 1926 and it ran from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA, a stretch that is nearly 2,500 miles. It was a main travel route for people during the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, and lasted until 1985 when it was officially removed from the highway system. But people didn’t want to see such a popular and interesting road disappear from history and have since fought to keep it alive.


Route 66 has remained alive through these means and several states have adopted their portions of the road by designating them National Scenic Byways. But Route 66 isn’t on every map today, which means it is a good idea to purchase a map that specifically focuses on the road. In addition, these maps will often include various locations that you can stop and visit. There are a lot of things along the road even today, from eateries to bizarre sights.


If you’re in Albuquerque, drive along Route 66 for a bit of historic fun. If you are already planning on traveling the road, take a moment to stop in Albuquerque and enjoy yourself.


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