See Albuquerque from a Different Angle/Perspective

See Albuquerque from a Different Angle/Perspective

When people hear “New Mexico,” they often think of desert landscapes, endless sandy terrain, maybe a few adobe houses, and not much going on. What people don’t realize is that places like Albuquerque are thriving in New Mexico – full of all kinds of wildlife outside the city limits, bursting with activities inside the city, and so much more. It’s time to see Albuquerque in a different light.


Think Albuquerque is an arid, dry city? Think again!  Places like the Albuquerque’s BioPark will amaze you with the variety of life living not only in the zoo, but at the lake and in the botanical gardens. Even in the desert where coyotes, cacti, and desert flowers rule supreme, Albuquerque has transformed a large section of their city into a living, breathing biological getaway where people can see tigers, walk among rainforest plants, and then picnic along a lake’s edge all in one day.


How about an aerial view of the city? You can hop into a hot air balloon and float weightlessly over the city skyline and gaze out beyond, all the way to the edge of the world it seems like. Make sure you have a high quality camera with you so you can take amazing pictures that will stun everyone at home.


Or perhaps a hike up high is more your style? Take the Sandia Peak Tramway up to 10,378 feet and gaze down into the valley below and beyond. Desert skies are breathtaking as the sun goes down and comes up. Make a note – when winter comes around, Sandia Peak is the place to go for skiing and other winter sports. Would you have guessed you could ski just above Albuquerque on a snow-covered mountainside? You can! It just happens to be another facet of Albuquerque that you can enjoy and explore.


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