Top 3 Places to Enjoy Albuquerque Cuisine

Great Albuquerque cuisine means a wide variety of foods – from spicy to traditional, you can sample all sorts of dishes while in the city. So which places should you visit? Start with these three and then go from there.


The Artichoke Café is one that you’ll find mentioned all over the internet – that is because this is Albuquerque’s top restaurant. From fine wine to highly knowledgeable waiters, it’s a popular place for locals and tourists alike. You can get lunch or dinner there and can sample everything from crab cakes to roasted mushroom ravioli. On vacation? It’s time to treat yourself with some truly delicious food.


Antiquity is another restaurant that gets a great deal of notice. You’ll find a wide variety of choices here as well, such as fresh seafood, veal, and, of course, charcoal-grilled steaks. After you’ve had your appetizer and entrée, don’t forget about dessert. Crepes, warm chocolate drizzles, caramelized custard tops, and more mouth-watering goodies are waiting for you.


Looking for some of the best steaks in Albuquerque? Marcello’s Chophouse brings that to the table and more. Choose from glorious porterhouse cuts, ancho crusted buffalo tenderloin, or even the seasonal game of the day, and many more. Don’t be afraid to go all out and top off your steak with a little something special, such as foie gras, sautéed mushrooms, or bleu cheese. If others in your party don’t want steak, no problem, as you can also get fresh seafood, salads, and other choices as well.


It’s time to give yourself a little pampering at these Albuquerque delights. These restaurants know how to treat a person right, and you can feel at ease throughout your entire meal. Sample one of the many wines each location offers, or let the waiters do the choosing for you. No matter what, you’re bound to leave each location absolutely satisfied.


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