Albuquerque Spas

Albuquerque Spas

Your vacation should be about getting the relaxation that you need, and there is no single better place to do that than a spa. Albuquerque has lots of great day spas and resort-style spas that are the perfect way to help you redefine relaxation on your vacation.

  • Green Reed Spa: Located at the Sandia Resort and Casino, this amazing facility offers a number of treatments that are perfect for relaxation. From great massages and facials to couples experiences that will be the highlight of your vacation, you’re certain to leave here renewed and refreshed. You can even take advantage of steam rooms, saunas, cold and hot plunges, and a cabana rental next to the gleaming outdoor pool between treatments.
  • Desert Beauty Day Spa and Wellness Center: Located in the heart of Rio Rancho just a few minutes from downtown, this is the ideal place to treat your skin and entire body to an experience unlike any other. The Desert Beauty Day Spa and Wellness Center is redefining pampering, so whatever your needs, you can have them fulfilled here.
  • La Bella Spa and Salon: Whether you’re looking for a couples treatment, a deep tissue massage, an aroma therapy session or a body scrub, this is the place to get it. The setting inside is beautiful, and they offer personalized spa packages specifically to meet your needs. Easy to find and the ideal way to relax on vacation, La Bella is the place to be.

There are hundreds of great spas around Albuquerque. Choose the right one to meet your needs on your vacation, and then relax as you haven’t before.


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