Nob Hill on Route 66

Nob Hill on Route 66

Main Streets across the country may be dead, but Albuquerque’s Nob Hill is very much alive and well today, and it’s certainly one place you want to plan to visit while you’re in the city. Nob Hill is Albuquerque’s original main street, but it’s also part of Route 66, giving it even more history than some other places around the city.

Nob Hill today is a vibrant part of the city with homes, shops, and restaurants in an atmosphere you just won’t find anywhere else in Albuquerque. The district is actually on the National Register of Historic Places, and there are lots of festivals and street fairs here to catch throughout the year, as well as historic places to see, including the living room built from the original ground-mounted water tank and the Aztec Auto Court.

Nob Hill sits just east of the campus for the University of New Mexico and very near today’s downtown. From the north at Lomas Boulevard to Zuni Road at the south end, Nob Hill hits all of the important spots. Here you’ll find a Cosmo style that only continues to get refined every year.

While Nob Hill is an attractive place to live, it’s also the perfect place to visit on your vacation here.  You’ll find unique shops, galleries, and restaurants you simply have to visit. If nightlife is more your style, you can certainly find that here, too. Whether you’re just looking for a day trip or an experience that will define your vacation, a stop at Nob Hill is certainly worth it.


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