Old Town Albuquerque

Old Town Albuquerque

When you think of a trip to Albuquerque, it’s tough to think of an environment that dates back to Colonial days, but Historic Old Town does just that. Initially founded in 1706, the area serves as a cultural center for the city. Here you’ll find hundreds of shops, galleries, and restaurants as well as five different museums.

History Abounds

Many area visitors head for Old Town looking for a history lesson, and this area can certainly provide one. It was originally a neighborhood in the early 1700s for Spanish families. The proximity to the Rio Grande made it an attractive place to live, so they formed a city center around an adobe church. The original church collapsed in 1792 after heavy rains, but it was rebuilt a year later. The church that stands in Old Town today was completed in 1793. The walls measure five feet in thickness, and it’s the oldest church in the area. A major tourist attraction, it’s also still a functioning part of the Catholic Church.

What To Do

Make your visit to Old Town complete with a guided tour of the area. Whether you’re looking for history or you want the fun of a ghost tour by night, both are available to give you a unique sense of the area. Each tour comes complete with the interesting stories you’d expect to hear after hundreds of years of history and a look at some of the most interesting places in the area. After your tour, be sure to stop in at several of the shops and eat at one of the amazing restaurants in the area.

Few places can claim the level of history that Old Town has to offer, so make it a stop on your Albuquerque itinerary.


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