The Balloon Fiesta in Review!

If you didn’t get the chance to go to the amazing Balloon Fiesta this year, don’t worry, there is always next year to plan for! Until then, find out what happened during this year’s fantastic festival full of balloons, music, good food, and good company.


Of course, the first and foremost attraction to the fiesta is the amazing array of balloons!  From the traditional shapes and colorful designs of many balloons, spectators were also treated to balloons in different shapes. From a Darth Vader helmet to a flying pig, bumblebees to chickens, there were plenty of unique balloons to catch everyone’s fancy. Night glows, where balloons are tethered and then the cords are pulled in order to light them up with flames, were particularly beautiful. A vast field filled with glowing lights and hovering balloons!


There were plenty of other activities when balloons were getting ready or already in flight. From delicious foods to activities for kids – such as the walking on water. Kids could hop into their own round balloons of clear plastic and roll around on top of a pool of water for a really fun treat. Fiesta umpires weren’t afraid to dress up in fun outfits – you might have seen one regular black and white striped umpire in one moment, and a zebra costume the next!


Police cruised the grounds to make sure people stayed safe and secure, but it’s hard to ignore how cool a policeman can look when he’s wearing a black cowboy hat, black duster jacket, and astride a stunning horse.


With so much going on, the Balloon Fiesta makes for an excellent getaway vacation. It’s different, fun, and beautiful all at once.


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