New Mexico Lobos

On your visit to New Mexico, you want to try something different and unexpected. If you enjoy sports, but are looking for a little change-up, then go see the New Mexico Lobos in action.


Lobo means wolf in Spanish, and these wolves are always ready for a good fight. The New Mexico Lobos hail from the University of New Mexico. There you can watch all kinds of different sports and enjoy seeing new and seasoned athletes improve their game, whether for themselves or for a future career in the sporting world. From volleyball to soccer, skiing to golf, there’s bound to be a sport that speaks to you and that you’ll have a good time watching.


Check schedules before heading out to the university, that way you will know if a game or match is on the Lobos home turf or not. Schedules are always posted on the Lobos website so you can easily find out when your favorite sport will be available during your time in New Mexico and when you can expect to see it. Getting tickets is just as easy with a few clicks, and then you’re all set.


If you check out the Lobos, don’t be surprised to be treated to some acrobatics by the cheerleading squad, or the musical talents of the marching band. Even if you weren’t a Lobo, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time at the stadium or on the sidelines cheering on the athletes as they work hard for the win.


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