Five Great Things to Do When Visiting Albuquerque

The sun is warm and inviting, the landscape is ancient and beautiful, and the people and places are fun and friendly. Why wouldn’t you want to visit Albuquerque? Consider these five things you can do while you’re here.


1. Elena Gallegos Park can be the perfect way to start your day. Wake up and head out for a nice little hike through desert wildflowers and gorgeous vistas. This can be especially ideal if your goal is to get a little less city in you. Albuquerque can be nice and mellow, and with this park so close, it makes for the perfect blend.


2. Visit the Isotopes. If you’re hoping to catch some sports, you can head to the ball park and enjoy a little minor league match-up. You never know who might make it big in the major leagues later on. Great prices, relaxing atmosphere, and good for individuals and families alike.


3. Hop onto the New Mexico Rail Runner. Any time you’re looking to take a quick trip to see Santa Fe, the Rail Runner is waiting. It’s a favorite of visitors and locals looking for a relaxing way to travel that takes the hassle out of driving.


4. Up for some golf? The Twin Warriors Golf Club offers up cool stretches of fairway and soft spots of green just waiting for you to get your best golf score yet. The mountain views around the course make it even better.


5. History buffs will scramble to see the Trinity Site. This is the exact spot where the first atomic bomb in existence was detonated. It’s amazing to learn what happened all those years ago, how nature has responded, and what we have learned since.


There is a lot that Albuquerque has to offer – consider this as just the start!


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