Beautiful Weddings at Hotel Andaluz

What more could you ask for on your wedding day? How about gorgeous sunshine, candlelit aisles, stunning centerpieces, and much more?


There are several rooms in Hotel Andaluz that offer you the perfect place to hold your special day. You can go gloriously large with the Barcelona Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 200 guests. The Ballroom can be the right choice for either the wedding itself or your reception later.


You might not consider a hotel lobby as a place for a wedding, but our lobby is not like any other. It is a gorgeous place that can provide you with the amazing aisle. Deck it out any way you like – currently the spot features a stunning fountain and handcrafted design touches for a truly amazing ceremony spot.


The Majorca room has a double door entrance and a nice, long aisle for you to walk toward your future. Don’t forget to encourage your photographer to take plenty of pictures of anything and everything in this elegant room.


Looking for something more on the contemporary side? Our highly versatile Casablanca room can adapt to a big wedding or a swinging reception. Complete with a stylish look, prepared bar, and plenty of seating, it’s really a treat for the eyes.


With so many locations to choose from, take some time to consider your needs and your space. We’re always happy to accommodate future newlyweds in any way possible. Request a proposal and discover how the right space can elevate your wedding even more and easily make it your most treasured memory ever.


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