Where to Shop in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a delightful place to stroll around and shop for whatever important items or whimsical knickknacks that you might need or want. There are four major locations that showcase a wide variety of shops that range from locally owned boutiques to galleries full of art.


Historic Oldtown is a favorite of many people due to the amazing number of things to see and enjoy. With over 150 shops, galleries, and restaurants to choose from, you can easily spend an entire day perusing Oldtown, taking in the sights as well as taking home a few new items. Native American artists hand-make their goods and can be found in many locations around the 300-year-old plaza. Don’t forget to stop in one of the museums as well!


Nob Hill is a perfect place for those looking for a smaller affair. These little shops feature local owners with original goods and menus. It is here that you can find tasteful wine bars that feature wines from the surrounding areas, as well as live music in many places, and a vibrant, fun nightlife. Be sure to check out Central Avenue – it is also the iconic Route 66!


Downtown can offer a lot of specialty shops as well as galleries that aren’t just filled with art, but jewelry, too. Don’t be surprised to see a street fair going on when you stroll through since these can be enjoyed at different times throughout the year.


Uptown happens to be the state’s biggest shopping destination with an outdoor mall that houses all sorts of stores that specialize in various goods, amazing restaurants, as well as luxurious spas and salons. You can also find a few common retailers – even if some of them don’t reach your neck of the woods!


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