Conrad Hilton & Our Hotel’s Origins

Much of Albuquerque is still in its original form – or at least, as original as can be while still changing with the times. Hotel Andaluz is one of those locations. A place where old and new come together in beauty and harmony.


In 1887, Conrad Hilton was born right in New Mexico. Eventually he would become the owner of the grand Hilton hotel chain, but in between then, he did a great many things. From being a Representative in the New Mexico Legislature when the state was newly formed to serving two years in the U.S. Army, Conrad Hilton was a man of many experiences. Though initially he planned on buying a bank and getting into a career in banking, when he was in Texas during the oil boom, he bought a hotel instead. From there, an idea quickly grew in his mind.


It wasn’t until 1939 that he returned to his home state of New Mexico and built the Hilton Hotel (what is now Hotel Andaluz). The hotel was put together using the talents and skills of architect Antom F. Korn and the Greer Family construction firm. The hotel only had 176 rooms, yet it was the tallest building in New Mexico at the time. It also has the distinction of being the first building in New Mexico to include air conditioning, making it a welcome spot for vacationers throughout the year.


Over the years, ownership passed from one to the next. Though it was the Hilton Hotel for 30 years, it changed names along with owners, eventually earning a renovation in 1983. The next year it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. After being sold a final time, it became Hotel Andaluz and had its grand re-opening in 2009.


Now you can enjoy the beauty of Hotel Andaluz any time you visit Albuquerque – giving you the chance to also say that you stayed at a nationally recognized historic location.



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