The Sandia Peak Tramway

When visiting Albuquerque, New Mexico, one of the grand sights is the Sandia Peak Tramway. New Mexico isn’t simply flat desert land. The truth of New Mexico—including the areas surrounding Albuquerque—is that there are plenty of mountains, rich plant life, stunning open skies, and unique animals to see and enjoy. The Sandia Peak Tramway is a fantastic way to soak up all of the beauty that Albuquerque and the surrounding areas have to offer.


The tramway will transport you above canyons and cliffs over 2.7 miles. It’s a relaxed, leisurely trip that gives you plenty of time for pictures, video, and simply taking in the scenery. You can take the tram at numerous times, which means that you can enjoy the desert terrain during the early morning, the afternoon, or as the sun sets for a spectacular view.  Once you reach the observation deck, you will be at 10,378 feet and standing upon Sandia Peak. You will be able to see the Rio Grande Valley and the Land of Enchantment.


Hungry? Don’t worry about food because the restaurants around the tramway have you covered. At the base of the tram, you’ll find a Mexican grill, and at the top, you can have a blast dining two miles high at High Finance. The Sandia Peak Tramway can be something that will entertain you for a few hours, or you can make an entire day of it. There are several trails that you can hike on since Sandia Peak is located within Cibola National Forest. If you decide to hike around once you reach the top, remember to bring plenty of water and wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothing!


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