3 Great Cultural Options When You Visit Albuquerque

3 Great Cultural Options When You Visit Albuquerque

Considering a visit to Albuquerque? There’s more than just warm sunshine, fun shopping, and delicious meals to enjoy. There is also a great deal of cultural heritage among the numerous peoples that have lived here throughout the years, giving Albuquerque a plethora of amazing things for people to see.

Start off with the Kimo Theatre. Not only is it gorgeous on the outside and the inside thanks to its renovation, but it also showcases all sorts of different viewing pleasures. From theatrical performances to movies to concerts, the Kimo Theatre is a treat for those who love a good show. Check ahead to see which movie or performance you might want to see so you know when you should start scheduling your visit to Albuquerque.

Next, seek out the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. You never know what exhibit might make its home there next – every few months there is something to be inspected, enjoyed, and learned. View New Mexico in its early days through the photography of Robert Christensen. Check out art from various African American artists of New Mexico. Or discover the private lives of Spain’s New World elite from 1492 to the 19th century. Everything is different, and all of it is fascinating.

Of course, there is always Historic Old Town. Loved by visitors and locals alike, Old Town is a fantastic place to spend not just a few hours, but an entire day. There is so much to see, so many little places to visit, delicious local cuisine to sample, and beautiful open areas to relax, it’s an ideal location to check out for the full flavor of Albuquerque.


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