The Dining Options at Hotel Andaluz – Mas Tapas y Vino, Ibiza, In-Room Dining, Casbahs

The Dining Options at Hotel Andaluz – Mas Tapas y Vino, Ibiza, In-Room Dining, Casbahs

Wondering where to eat next? If you’ve already booked with Hotel Andaluz, then you don’t need to head back out into the city if you don’t want to. Instead, Hotel Andaluz offers multiple dining options to cater to guests from all over. Each of them provides a unique experience, and you may want to try all four in order to enjoy something a little different each and every time!



 MÁS Tapas Y Vino



Mas Tapas y Vino is the premier restaurant featuring some of the finest cuisine offered. Here you can sit down and peruse our menu as well as our luxurious wine list. Headed by Chef James Campbell Caruso, this full-service restaurant and tapas bar gives you plenty to choose from no matter how many times you visit.







Ibiza Rooftop Bar



Ibiza is Hotel Andaluz’s rooftop bar that overlooks the beautiful skyline of Albuquerque. From the sparkling buildings to the majestic mountains beyond, it’s a view that you’ll cherish. We host regular programs to enjoy, or you can simply relax with a drink and soak up the savvy atmosphere.




In Room Dining



If you’re tired from a day of sightseeing and adventuring, kick back in your room and enjoy the treats of in-room dining. Fresh foods straight from the kitchen are brought to you piping hot (or cold depending upon what you’re looking for!) for you to eat at your leisure without having to go anywhere.







The Casbahs are unlike anything else you’ll find in other hotels. Whether you want to host a dinner party or a fun get-together, they’re the ideal way to sample our menu while lounging in absolute comfort. Nestled back within our lobby, they feature plush seating, soft curtains, and a truly relaxed atmosphere.


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