How “Green” Hotels Can Have a Big Impact On the Environment

How “Green” Hotels Can Have a Big Impact On the Environment

People often think of their home, their cars, or occasionally their place of business when it comes to being green, but tend to forget places outside of those circles. While you seek to cut down on electricity bills, purchase a hybrid car, or speak to your employers about recycling options, you can also do a bit of good by choosing to stay at green hotels on your travels. A hotel that has gone green can have a massive impact on the environment in the best way possible.


So what can a hotel do to have such an amazing impact? A great deal! Solar water heaters keep water for guests nice and warm without the need for gas or electric heating mechanisms. The natural heat from the sun can get water to surprisingly hot temperatures. Energy management systems enacted by the hotel ensure that it isn’t using more energy than necessary in order to function well. For example, smart use of windows allows the maximization of heating and cooling in conjunction with carefully regulated temperatures in order to avoid overuse of air conditioning or heating units.


There are very few hotels in the country that take being green to the maximum, but those few that do will achieve a LEED Gold certified status. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has very exacting standards, and only select hotels have achieved such a level. You may discover one of them in Albuquerque! So if you’re going to go green and stay green, the next time you decide to bask in the beauty of Albuquerque, be sure to discover the right green hotel for you!


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