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Rainbow Ryders

How does one get over the rainbow? Dorothy’s version isn’t exactly anyone’s preferred method. Albuquerque has perfected the art of sailing through the skies and over the city with Rainbow Ryders. It’s all about floating in the basket of a hot air balloon, a fun and unique way to soak up the city and feel like a bird in...
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Try the ABQ Trolley to see Albuquerque

Sightseeing in the city can stump visitors every now and again. Should you go on foot? Rent a car? Take a taxi from place to place? In Albuquerque, you may find yourself faced with these same questions, except in Albuquerque you have one more option that you might quickly realize is a fantastic and enjoyable way to see the...
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About Tapas & Spanish Cuisine

You may have heard about tapas and other Spanish cuisines – but what are tapas? And what exactly makes up Spanish cuisine?   When you visit Albuquerque, you’ll quickly find that Spanish cuisine is the order of the day. Delicious, zesty, and full of flavor, Spanish food is down-to-earth, uncomplicated, and tasty. Don’t be surprised to discover restaurants and...
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MÁS Tapas y Vino at Hotel Andaluz!

Más in Spanish means more. And after tasting some of the delicacies at MÁS Tapas y Vino at Hotel Andaluz, why on earth wouldn’t you want more? Especially when you can stay at the luxurious hotel and then enjoy fine cuisine the moment you want it?   MÁS Tapas y Vino features a wonderful selection of appetizers, entrees, drinks,...
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7 Things We Love About Albuquerque

Albuquerque is a great place to live and to visit. Here are a few of our favorite things about the city.   1. It’s a little bit of everything. While Albuquerque is a big city, at the same time it has that small town feel. There are great things like the KiMo Theatre, but no long lines of traffic...
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Visit the National Hispanic Cultural Center

A great place to visit when you come to Albuquerque is the National Hispanic Cultural Center. The center is a backdrop for arts, humanities, and Hispanic culture. Through careful preservation of the past and showcasing the present, the center helps enlighten people each and every day about Hispanic culture not just in Albuquerque, but around the world. It’s an...
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