About Tapas & Spanish Cuisine

You may have heard about tapas and other Spanish cuisines – but what are tapas? And what exactly makes up Spanish cuisine?


When you visit Albuquerque, you’ll quickly find that Spanish cuisine is the order of the day. Delicious, zesty, and full of flavor, Spanish food is down-to-earth, uncomplicated, and tasty. Don’t be surprised to discover restaurants and local eateries using locally grown vegetables and other ingredients. It’s about being fresh and delicious, and often with some of the same cooking methods that have been used for years. Some dishes get upgrades when necessary in order to help maintain speed or overall efficiency, but when methods can be preserved, they will be. The results are fantastic!


So what are tapas? “Tapas” is a Spanish word that, in its basic form, means snacks or appetizers. These can range from hot delights to simple finger foods. If you want tapas, you’ll still have to specify what it is you want to eat, but you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a good little bit of something to munch on – you’ll get to your actual entrée later.


For a complete and fantastic experience of both tapas and Spanish cuisine, MÁS Tapas y Vino is the perfect place to go. Located in the Hotel Andaluz, it features an entire tapas bar for you to visit, as well as full service Spanish cuisine at the highest quality so you and your family or friends can sample a bit of the cultural flavor (literally!) between your Albuquerque excursions.


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