Try the ABQ Trolley to see Albuquerque

Sightseeing in the city can stump visitors every now and again. Should you go on foot? Rent a car? Take a taxi from place to place? In Albuquerque, you may find yourself faced with these same questions, except in Albuquerque you have one more option that you might quickly realize is a fantastic and enjoyable way to see the city.


The ABQ Trolley can be a really fun way to tour the city. Not many cities have kept the trolley around, making it a unique aspect of that location. Albuquerque is proud of its trolleys and people from across the country have a great time hopping on and seeing the sights. You can choose from any number of tour options so you can make the most of your visit and your trolley ride. Trolleys are open air trolleys as well – this means no windows or doors to block your vision as you ride past Albuquerque sites, as well as the ability to enjoy the open air and warm Albuquerque sun. Don’t worry – if it does rain there are drop down rain curtains to keep you dry.

The variety of tours to choose from includes the best sites of Albuquerque to microbrewery tours! There have even been tours based upon the hit TV show “Breaking Bad,” so who knows what the new year might bring. Tickets for adults are $25, seniors are $23, and children are $12. Keep in mind that the Balloon Fiesta in October is one of Albuquerque’s hottest events, so ticket prices can go up around those days. But no matter what, checking out the city through the ABQ Trolley is worth every shiny penny!


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