Rainbow Ryders

How does one get over the rainbow? Dorothy’s version isn’t exactly anyone’s preferred method. Albuquerque has perfected the art of sailing through the skies and over the city with Rainbow Ryders. It’s all about floating in the basket of a hot air balloon, a fun and unique way to soak up the city and feel like a bird in the sky.


Albuquerque is already known for its amazing annual balloon fiesta, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck choosing only a few days to visit. Instead, Rainbow Ryders offers hot air balloon rides throughout the year so not only do you get to tour Albuquerque and its surrounding areas in an exciting way, but you also get to return home and declare that you have been up in a hot air balloon – and you’ll have the pictures and video to prove it! Make sure to bring along your camera or video camera with plenty of space and full battery power because chances are you’re going to capture tons of fantastic images and stunning video.


You can choose from various rides as well, making it a wonderful opportunity that you can enjoy any way you like. Rides typically occur at sunrise when the weather is cool and winds are calm – not to mention the view is absolutely amazing. There are also sunset flights, so choosing what you want can occasionally be difficult since there is so much to be seen – and it’s all so beautiful. Flights can last for about an hour and baskets vary so groups can be as small as 2-4 people and as large as 12-14 people. But one of the most enjoyable aspects is the silence as you drift through the air far above the ground. There just isn’t anything quite like it, and your experience isn’t one that you’ll soon forget.


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