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Golfing Options in Albuquerque New Mexico

Sandia Golf Club #14 Didn’t think you could golf in the desert? Think again! You’d better bring your clubs because Albuquerque has multiple courses for you to play. What’s more, these aren’t just average courses – several of the courses here have been ranked by Golf and Digest Magazine as some of the best in the entire country! Some might expect desert scrub...
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Albuquerque Arts

KiMo_Albuquerque You’ll never be let down when it comes to seeking out the arts while in Albuquerque. The city is practically bursting at the seams with artistic culture. From dazzling shows to eye-opening movies, any artist and fans of the arts is welcome to take a dip in Albuquerque’s wealth of arts. When it comes to works of art, you’ll...
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Things To Do For Families When Visiting Albuquerque

1776354 There is so much to enjoy in Albuquerque – one of the biggest decisions will be figuring out just where to start. There are 19 museums alone! But whether you opt for outdoor activities or historical learning, there’s definitely something for everyone in the family. You could start off with a huge amount of fun with an amusement park....
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Film Tourism Albuquerque

New-Mexico-Film-Trails-New-Mexico-Tourism-500x500 Albuquerque has a surprising little secret – it’s one of the hottest places to shoot films. And not just any film – big studio films and hit TV shows that millions of people talk about for years to come. Think Marvel’s Avengers was filmed in New York City? Think again! That’s right – Albuquerque Studios played host to the...
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A Quick Look at New Mexican Cuisine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Smell the spicy zest of peppers as they cook up hot and tasty, the fresh, eye-opening scent of cilantro chopped for the next dish, and the sweet surprise of the official state cookie. There is so much to sample when visiting Albuquerque, you could construct a trip around the food alone. It would certainly be worth it! So what...
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Route 66 & Albuquerque New Mexico

abqroute66sign You’ve probably heard of the famous Route 66. There’s a great deal of history behind this particular road, and one of the best parts is that it travels right through Albuquerque. That means whether you intend to travel the road or visit the city, you can enjoy a bit of both! There’s a lot to see on Route 66,...
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