Route 66 & Albuquerque New Mexico

Route 66 & Albuquerque New Mexico

You’ve probably heard of the famous Route 66. There’s a great deal of history behind this particular road, and one of the best parts is that it travels right through Albuquerque. That means whether you intend to travel the road or visit the city, you can enjoy a bit of both!

There’s a lot to see on Route 66, and Albuquerque has decided to make the most of this historical roadway. You’ll still see neon signs as you drive through, and it’s where you’ll find some of the city’s best places to shop, be entertained, and eat. The best way to experience Albuquerque, as well as Route 66, is by taking the Route 66 Tour. It’s 4.2 miles, so you can walk, bike, or (of course) drive the length of the tour in order to see all the great sights.

Some of the things you’ll see as you travel down the road include: Nob Hill with art galleries and shops, University of New Mexico with beautiful landscaping, architecture, and multiple museums, Alvarado Transportation Center, Crossroads Mall for a place to stop and shop or take a break right at the intersection of Route 66 and Highway 85, the KiMo Theatre and Art Gallery, and historic Old Town, which is one of the city’s most prized locations featuring all kinds of local delights, from art to crafts to eateries.

Exploring Route 66 can easily be made into a great day tour, perfect for seeing some of the best places the city has to offer, as well as the amazing way that history has blended almost seamlessly with the present.

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