Albuquerque Arts

Albuquerque Arts

You’ll never be let down when it comes to seeking out the arts while in Albuquerque. The city is practically bursting at the seams with artistic culture. From dazzling shows to eye-opening movies, any artist and fans of the arts is welcome to take a dip in Albuquerque’s wealth of arts.

When it comes to works of art, you’ll find it almost everywhere. There are art galleries throughout the city showcasing both national and local artists. It doesn’t just stop at paintings either – you can find art in the form of jewelry, Spanish colonial embroidery, traditional pottery, tinwork, and so much more.

Museums are also ideal locations to get a feel for the Albuquerque art scene. Whether your indulgence is contemporary art or traditional, there is something waiting for you. Likewise, art performances such as dance and music are always big, and many museums are proud to present those from the Keshet Dance Company, New Mexico Philharmonic, as well as others. You can find regular performances at the University of New Mexico.

Theater is also huge here in Albuquerque, and any fan of theatrical arts would quickly agree. Not only are big budget films and television shows filmed here, but the KiMo Theatre shows a wide variety of films. You can also view live stage performances by the Tricklock Theatre Company, as well as other theater locations with plays and more.

Even if you decide to visit Albuquerque without the art scene in mind, it’s certainly something to look into – you never know what might truly wow you!

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