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Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival

Eden Asset Library Are you ready for a bit of Celtic entertainment this spring? The Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival is the place for all things Celtic. From Highland games to Celtic inspired music, this festival features a veritable wealth of delights all coming from Celtic nations. Scots, Welsh, Irish, Bretons, Galicians, and Britons have all brought something special to America, and...
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Albuquerque Renaissance Faire

albuquerque-renaissance-faire-hotel-andaluz Are you ready to see knights fight one another with honor and skill? Do you wish to hear music that was played in centuries past? Would you like to step into another time and experience something vastly different from what you know today? Then on April 26th you need to get to Albuquerque to experience the Albuquerque Renaissance Faire...
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Albuquerque Wine Festival

albuquerque-wine-festival-hotel-andaluz Though wine may not be one of the first things people think of when they hear the name Albuquerque, it is certainly something that locals get excited about, and something that they wish to share with visitors every year. This year the Albuquerque Wine Festival falls on Memorial Day weekend – an ideal time because many people have additional...
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Earth Day in Albuquerque

imgres Planet Earth needs our compassion and our help – and Albuquerque is ready to do its part! Children and adults alike can learn how to make the planet a better, cleaner, and healthier place to live this Earth Day at the ABQ BioPark. Though Earth Day is officially April 22nd, the BioPark will have their celebration on Saturday, April...
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Only the Best at MÁS TAPAS Y VINO

MAS Tapas y Vino The historic Hotel Andaluz has withstood the test of time and been reborn into its present day splendor. But what is a wonderful hotel without a place to offer its patrons a delectable display of breakfast, lunch, and dinner? That’s why Hotel Andaluz has brought out MÁS TAPAS Y VINO. MÁS is the kind of restaurant you can visit again and again,...
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5 Albuquerque Wedding Planning Essentials to Consider

lobby_wedding_feathers_800w Weddings can be beautiful, but planning them can seem stressful at times. Keep in mind these five planning essentials and remember – your day is going to be wonderful no matter what because you’re with the one you love. 1. Purchase a planner! This may seem redundant in a list of wedding planning essentials, but if you haven’t obtained...
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