5 Albuquerque Wedding Planning Essentials to Consider

5 Albuquerque Wedding Planning Essentials to Consider

Weddings can be beautiful, but planning them can seem stressful at times. Keep in mind these five planning essentials and remember – your day is going to be wonderful no matter what because you’re with the one you love.

1. Purchase a planner! This may seem redundant in a list of wedding planning essentials, but if you haven’t obtained one, then now is the perfect time. It allows you to write down all the necessary details, hold onto brochures or other items, and helps you organize your thoughts for less stress overall.

2. Consider the season you want your wedding – and what that might entail. A lot of people say, “I want a summer wedding” or “I want a fall wedding,” but tend to forget that weather can be a crucial part – especially if you want to have the wedding outside. A great alternative is to have the wedding indoors with plenty of outdoor possibilities. That way even if the sun isn’t shining, you’ve already got an excellent back-up plan in place!

3. Themes and colors. You don’t have to go by what the seasons are doing – something a lot of couples tend to opt for. Just because you decide to have your wedding in summer doesn’t mean you can’t use rich blues at your wedding. Use colors or themes both of you want to see at your wedding – colors that make you happy.

4. Give yourself time. Know the speed you can plan and when you need to have things done. Don’t plan a big production if you intend to have the wedding in a few months – unless you have amazing skills! Go at a pace you are comfortable with.

5. Location, location, location. This is obviously a huge factor to take into account, which is why places that can offer multiple options are excellent choices. Hotel Andaluz has several gorgeous areas that can provide a ceremony experience and receptions. Keeping both the ceremony and reception in one location also makes it easy for you and your future spouse, as well as your guests to get from one place to another.

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