Albuquerque Renaissance Faire

Albuquerque Renaissance Faire

Are you ready to see knights fight one another with honor and skill? Do you wish to hear music that was played in centuries past? Would you like to step into another time and experience something vastly different from what you know today?

Then on April 26th you need to get to Albuquerque to experience the Albuquerque Renaissance Faire in all its glory! Hosted by the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Renaissance Faire will feature food, entertainment, workshops, and a lot of interesting displays that you won’t see elsewhere in this time.  The Society for Creative Anachronism is dedicated to researching and recreating a slice of life from pre-17th century Europe.

Walk through a medieval village and marketplace. Cheer with the common folk as you watch a melee battle. Encounter the occasional Viking or pirate. Drink mead and ale, and eat from the royal feast. If you have children, then bring them to the Children’s Realm where they can make a wand, participate in Fight-a-Knight, get their face painted, and much more.  There will also be music and dance, such as Sadaqah Middle Eastern Music, Shakespeare on the Plaza, and the Renaissance Faire Singers.

Admission for adults is $10, children 4-12 is $5, and children 3 and under can partake of the festivities for free. Participating in the Royal Feast means you must pay an additional toll to the king: $20 for adults and $11 for those 12 and under. So come to the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum and see the past come to life for yourself!

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