Route 66 Summerfest

Route 66 Summerfest

We’ve all heard the song. “Get your kicks on Route 66.” And why not? There is so much history and quirkiness surrounding Route 66, it would be impossible not to. Route 66 is a long road of interesting sights, sounds, and fun. Albuquerque is fortunate enough to enjoy having Route 66 pass directly through the town. Named Main Street within the city, it’s still ultimately Route 66 as everyone is well aware. That’s why you’ll find so many great shops and things along the road. It’s also why Albuquerque is more than happy to host Route 66 Summerfest.

In the Nob Hill area, you’ll find a lot of live entertainment. Route 66 Summerfest lasts from July 18th to the 20th and it gets busy, busy, busy! Food vendors from local restaurants line the street, offering everything from classic Albuquerque barbeque to ice cold drinks. The arts and artisans’ street market showcases hand-made trinkets, hand-painted art, and more. You never know when you might even get a spontaneous performance by a dance troupe, native peoples, or lone musician.

Of course, what would Route 66 be without cars? The Old Route 66 Car Show features cars from bygone eras that owners have carefully and lovingly cared for so we can see them again today. And you can’t end the festival properly without a sunset Neon Cruise down the old street. Suddenly it feels as though you’re in another time!

Route 66 Summerfest is one of the favorite local festivals and everyone can join in. There is no admission fee and it goes from early in the morning to late at night. So get in on the Route 66 fun and soak in all you can!

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