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Hotel Andaluz, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Environmental Policy

Hotel Andaluz is proud to be an environmentally responsible hotel. We strive to provide the best in guest services while inspiring our community to sustain and protect the environment in which we live.  We do this through education and by example.

The following are actions we have taken to keep Andaluz green and lead by example:

  • Operate a state-of-the-art building energy management system.
  • Use of fluorescent and LED lighting throughout the building.
  • Use of motion sensors to turn on/off lighting.
  • Generate solar-hot water on-site for the hotel’s domestic hot water needs.
  • Reduce water usage by over 45% with dual-flush toilets, oxygen-assisted shower-heads, low-flow fixtures, and employee training.
  • Irrigate the indoor and outdoor landscape using on-site captured rainwater.
  • Reducing storm water runoff to help limit disruption of natural hydrology.
  • Minimizing heat island effect by using high reflective roofing materials.
  • Recycling the hotel’s cardboard, paper, plastics, metal, and composting of all food waste.
  • Providing on-site bike racks and available showers, lockers & changing facilities to help reduce vehicular pollution.
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products and housekeeping standards.


  1. We will provide regular training for our employees on how they can assist in operating the hotel in an environmentally responsible manner and encouraging them to practice this philosophy in their personal lives.
  2. We will gain support from our guests and suppliers to ensure that they are aware of our environmental policy.
  3. We will be committed to conserve natural resources by responsibly using energy, water, waste and raw materials.
  4. We will actively engage the local community to raise environmental awareness.
  5. We will maintain excellence in our environmental policies through an active “Green Team” consisting of employees from all departments and committed to identifying, improving and exploring new opportunities and green strategies for hotel operation.
  6. We will continue to reevaluate our operations and make improvements where needed.

We take our environmental commitment seriously and see it as a contributing factor in helping make our world a better place for all.